Instructions for Downloading the Elysium Print Program

You need the Elysium Print Program downloaded and running on at least one computer per Workgroup in order to print Elysium documents. Read the instructions below and then click the link at the bottom of this page to download the program.

The Elysium Print Program requires Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6 or later. If you are running any other version of Internet Explorer or if you are using a different web browser, please close the web browser now and come back to this page when you have Internet Explorer version 6 or later running.

If you have a previous version of the Elysium Print Client installed, you must uninstall it. Go to the Control Panel. Click on "Add/Remove Programs". Remove the program "Axolotl Elysium Printing".

Before downloading the print program, be sure that you are an "Administrator" (in the Administrators Group) of the computer.

The first thing you may see when you click on the download link below is this warning from your web browser:
This is normal. Click on the "Yes" button. Using a non-secure connection allows for a faster download. Security is not a concern here since the file contains no patient data.

The next message you see from your web browser will look something like this.
Select "Run".

The installation program will then be downloaded to your computer; if you are using a dial-up connection this may take several minutes.

Once the download is complete, the program will install. Follow the directions it gives you. When it prompts you to enter the fully qualified domain name of the Elysium web server, enter:

Download Elysium Print Program