Welcome to Elysium††††††††††

You have reached the Elysium web site hosted by your hospital or other sponsoring organization, but you may not be ready to use Elysium until you have done the following.

Check that you have a computer with the requirements listed under Your Computer.
If you have Elysium Electronic Medical Records and intend to use Elysium Mobile, check the requirements for Elysium Mobile.
Set Up Internet Explorer to ensure that you have the correct version and encryption package. You may also change the information that prints in the footer when you print from the browser.
Read the section on Security, Login and Logout instructions.
Read about Elysium, additional services such as EPW and ETS, and other levels of service.

You may want to print this page for reference.It prints best on a color printer.If you print on a black and white printer, some of the pictures may be missing.

Your Computer

Note that since the recorded response time includes the time required to send the response in full to the requesting browser and receive acknowledgement back from that browser, response time is affected by the Authorized Userís Internet bandwidth and latency and other applications that may be active on the users personal computer.As such, Axolotl reserves the right to exclude from response time calculations any users that are known to be using or sharing Internet connections or personal computers that do not meet Axolotlís minimum standard of service as defined in the table below.


Internet Connection Minimum Requirements
Terrestrial Persistent Connection (i.e. always on and not via satellite)
Upload speed of 256 Kbits per second
Download speed of 1 Mbit per second
Dedicated Personal Computer Minimum Requirements
1 GHz Pentium Class Processor
512 Mbytes of RAM
30 Gbyte Hard Disk Drive
256 Color Screen with resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels
Windows XP or Vista Operating System
Internet Explorer version 6 or version 7
Setup Internet Explorer for instructions.
Windows or Vista supported Printer (color is highly recommended)

Your Mobile Device

Elysium Mobile requires a device with a wireless connection to the Elysium server. Use the following guidelines to determine whether you have a mobile device that will work with Elysium.

A browser that supports 128 bit SSL Version 3.0.
Most Windows browser-enabled devices are supported (Mobile Windows)
Java Script support is required for prescription writing on mobile.

Speak with Axolotl Professional Services for specifics on the devices you intend to use.


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Set up Internet Explorer

IE Version and Encryption

Your browser must be IE 6.x or 7.x and have cipher strength of 128-bit encryption in order to access Elysium. Verify that you have the correct version.

Connect to the Internet using Internet Explorer.
Click on Help and About Internet Explorer. Verify that the version is 6.x or 7.x. If it is not, first install the right version. Go the Microsoft web site to download, or install it from a CD.

The Cipher Strength must be at least 128-bit.


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Set up Browser Printing

When web pages are printed from Internet Explorer, a Header and Footer print on every printed page. Elysium defines the information that prints in the Header of a clinical document.The Header contains the same information that appears in the Window Title; the patient name, the type of result and the date of the result display on most pages printing clinical information.

The Browser (Internet Explorer) controls the information that prints in the footer. Users may change the information that prints in the footer on web pages, Elysium pages and others.Remember, this changes the footer for all documents printed from the browser.

Open Internet Explorer
Select File, Page Setup

Change the entries in the Footer. Use the following table, or the Internet Explorer Help on Footers to define the information that prints. Or clear all entries to print no footer.

To Print†††††††††††††††††††††††††† Type

Window Title††††††††††††††††††††† &w

Page address (URL)††††††††††† &u

Short Current Date ††††††††††† &d

Long Current Date††††††††††††† &D

Current Time†††††††††††††††††††† &T

For example ď&D &tĒ would print ďWednesday, June 27, 2001 13:23:17 PMĒ


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User Name and Passwords

Reports contain sensitive and confidential patient information. Therefore, Axolotl has taken every possible step to ensure that this information is protected from unauthorized access.

Each user must have an assigned user name and password to log in to Elysium. You will receive your user name and password in person or through the mail from your Elysium host. If you have not received your User Name and Password or have forgotten them, contact your Elysium Host organization.

! You must protect your password. Do not give it to anyone or write it down. If others need to use Elysium to help provide patient care, they may obtain their own user names and passwords from your Elysium host.

Change your password

Change your password regularly. After logging in to Elysium, from the Home Page, select Change Password and follow the instructions.
Repository Users select Change Password from the row of links at the top of the Repository page.

Other Security Features of Elysium

Web browsers often cache pages so they may be displayed quickly when they are accessed more than once. All Elysium pages that display patient information also contain instructions to your web browser that they are not to be cached. This means that patient data is never saved on your computer unless you explicitly tell your web browser to do so.

All data transmitted between the Elysium host and your computer travels over a secure, encrypted connection. Elysium uses the strongest form of security provided by your web browser. This is sufficient to fully protect patient information transmitted via the Internet.

The Elysium server that stores patient information is installed either at Axolotl's service center or in a data center of your Elysium host. In either case, the server is installed in a physically secure facility, so that it cannot be tampered with or accessed without authorization.

Your host organization may have implemented session based authentication, and time out features. In this case, your Elysium session may time out after a period of inactivity and you will need to log back in again.

Web Page Refresh

New messages arrive in the Elysium Userís inbox throughout the day at random intervals and in varying numbers.New messages are not visible in the Inbox web page until the web page refreshes. Web pages in Elysium do not refresh automatically on workstations that are idle, or if a workstation is left unattended. Instead, after 5 minutes of inactivity, a notice appears on the page stating that new messages may have arrived since the last activity, and the page must be refreshed manually. A convenient link is provided to perform the refresh.Note however that ANY other activity such as opening a report or changing the view or tab will also automatically refresh the page.


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Log In

Read the following then close this window.††

Click Customer Login.

The first time you log in a Security Alert tells you that you are connecting to a secure server. Message varies with operating system and the browser can be configured to not display this message.






Axolotl recommends that you check the box next to In the Future do not show this warning.
Click OK

A second Security Alert tells you that you are missing a certificate. Installing the certificate now will prevent this warning from showing up when you log in again.



Click View Certificate and follow the instructions for installing the certificate.
At the Enter Network Password prompts, type your User Name and Password, then press Enter or click OK.








Some web browsers allow you to save your user name and password so you don't have to type them each time you use Elysium. Do not use such features unless you can secure your computer whenever it is unattended.

The first time you Log In to Elysium you are asked to accept the Elysium User agreement. You will be unable to continue until you have accepted the user agreement.

Log Out

Always log out of Elysium before walking away from your computer so that an unauthorized person can't use your session.

Click Logout in the lower left [upper right in EPOP] corner, or wherever it appears on the Elysium screen.

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What is Elysium

Elysium enables physicians, H.I.M. personnel and their support staffs to receive result reports (such as lab results and radiology reports) and create patient memos (such as prescriptions and lab orders) through the Internet or an intranet. Elysium also enables health care providers to send e-mail to colleagues, look up basic patient demographic data, and make referrals and authorization requests. With Elysium you deliver better patient care at a lower cost by enabling providers to share and exchange information easily.

Elysium has various levels of service and all of the features listed below may not be included in the package of features your sponsoring organization has purchased. Ask your support representative which features are included. To upgrade to a higher level of service, contact your sponsoring organization.

Elysium Virtual Health Record

With Elysium Virtual Health Record, users may view a consolidated, tabular interface to a patientís data. In addition viewing reports users may

Forward reports electronically or by fax to other healthcare providers
In some cases, query external information sources for additional patient information. Check with the host organization for other information that might be available.

Elysium EMR Lite

With Elysium EMR Lite, physicians and staff may

Receive and organize clinical documents electronically from laboratories, radiology departments, and transcription services.
Annotate and print clinical documents for paper charts.
Set up automatic printing of clinical documents, scheduled for automatic printing for convenient times. Printed Documents may be sorted by patient, physician or medical record number, thus reducing the workload of filing them in paper charts.
Create Patient Memos and other e-mail and correspond electronically with your colleagues.
Assign clinical documents to other physicians or staff in your group for follow-up.
Add instructions (e.g. "Call patient") to clinical documents assigned to others for follow-up.
Create their own frequently-used actions which may be applied to clinical documents in a single step. Actions can combine assignment, an instruction, and an annotation. For example, in a single step you can say, "Annotate this document 'No significant abnormality' and print it with an instruction to the office manager to call the patient."
Display cumulative lab results across all encounters, visits and laboratories, either in tabular or graphical form.
Go Mobile; use all the features and functions of Elysium on a mobile device.


Elysium Prescription Writer is available to users of Elysium EMR Lite as an optional service. Elysium EMR Lite adds automated delivery of prescriptions electronically or by fax to pharmacies as well as storage of drugs lists for reference and duplicate checking.

Elysium Intelligent Ordering also is available to users of Elysium Distribution Manager as an optional service. It allows you to use catalogs provided by reference laboratories and other suppliers in your community to place orders. Your orders are delivered to the supplier electronically, reducing workload, delays, and errors.

Elysium Prescription Management

This additional Elysium service allows you and your staff to create and organize prescriptions, refills, and renewals. Elysium provides comprehensive information on drugs, including patient education in English and Spanish. Prescriptions may be entered by physicians or staff, approved by physicians, and then printed. The printed prescription may be hand-carried to the pharmacy or sent by fax. Prescriptions may also be communicated electronically to some pharmacies, and some pharmacists can communicate directly to the physician EMR. This capability is enabled through a partnership with SureSripts.

Prescriptions created in Elysium are automatically organized and available for future reference. This saves time and reduces errors in responding to patients' future questions and requests for renewals.

Additional charges may be related to the Elysium Prescription Writer. To inquire about adding this service to your Elysium installation, contact support at info@axolotl.com.

Elysium Transcription Services

This additional Elysium service provides dictation and transcriptions services for hospital reports and office chart notes and letters.

Using Elysium, a physician office can completely automate the transcription process. The Elysium Transcription Service provides a convenient and easy-to-use alternative to hand-written chart notes that will increase office productivity and reduce transcription costs. The quality notes and documentation produced in the process help reduce errors resulting in improved reimbursement and reduced physician liability.

Using a hand held dictation device, users dictate office notes and letters.An office person uploads the dictated files from the hand held device. Transcribed documents are returned to your Awaiting Inbox along with other clinical documents, where you can correct them as needed, sign, or forward to other Elysium users.

Using Elysium Transcription Service and the Elysium Report Manager, authorized hospital employees have access to a collection of transcribed reports returned from the transcription service.

Additional charges are associated with the Elysium Transcription Service. To inquire about adding this service to your Elysium installation, contact your Customer Support Engineer.

Additional Services

Elysium adds new features, levels of service and services from time to time. For more information contact your Customer Support Engineer.